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Gear Review

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Toes are much more comfortable in these

  • Gender: Male
  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

These road shoes fit better than my other road shoe (Bontrager DLX). I did not want to spend $300-$400 on a pair of road shoes, so fortunately these were 1/2 off and cost the same as my other road shoe at regular price, but better quality and fit.

The toe box on these shoes are wider than the Bontrager shoe and just wider and more comfortable on my feet; this allows me to wear larger wool socks, too. The Bontrager narrow toe box really became evident when riding in cold weather; it just seemed like my feet, especially my toes were bunched up, and it felt like they were falling asleep. If you have really narrow feet, the Bontrager would probably be ok; however, you may want to consider going one size up though.

The NW's SBS ratcheting system is nice, it allows you to make those fine adjustments to the top strap's tension on the fly (i.e. both loosen and tighten) for that more comfortable fit. Example: At the beginning of a ride (say in the morning) when you feet are bit swollen and you adjust the fit based on those swollen feet, but as you ride your feet normalize, with the SBS you can adjust (i.e. tighten) the tension on the top strap on the fly (i.e. while riding). Or you over tighten the strap at the beginning of the ride, but as you ride your feet feel like they are getting numb, the SBS allows you to adjust (i.e. loosen) the strap on the fly. In contrast, I would have to stop to make those fine adjustments with the Bontrager's ratcheting system - allows tightening only on the fly.

What I like:

1. the comfort of a wider toe box and shoe overall
2. the fact that the shoe are almost flat like a normal shoe even with the cleat on it, so walking in the shoes are almost like normal (i.e. don't feel/look like a plane taking off)
3. the cost (only because of the 1/2 off sale)
4. the look and feel
5. on the fly fine fit adjustment both ways (i.e. tightening and loosening)

What I don't like: Only a 1 year warranty.