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These are the best glasses I have ever worn. Period. I tried to find these starting a month ago, when I saw them on the Smith website. I walked into a local shop Sunday, tried them on, and bought them immediately. They fit guys with a little larger bridge on the nose, and a wider, bigger face. Don't let the Medium to Large fit thing scare you away. They fit big. The optics are incredible, they come with three lenses, and the lifetime warranty is awesome. I think Smith is all I use for my optics anymore. If you love their goggles, you'll love their sunglasses. Especially these. Even with the price, I'm thinking of picking up another pair. EXCELLENT.

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Update: After riding on these a ton, the nosepiece started to "unglue" itself. I rode with them for a while, but when I took a trip to Alaska to flyfish, I dropped them off at my local shop to get them warrantied. I was gone for a week, and a new pair, with three lens sets, and a new case were waiting for me before I got back. Smith's warranty policy is the best I have ever dealt with barnone. The only customer support I can think of that is on par is Turner bikes and maybe Giro (they've hooked me up more than once with replacement liners for my helmets, no charge, no shipping)