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These warmers require a garter belt!

Okay, positives first: these are warm, good zippers and have articulable knees.
Negatives: I could not get them to stay up - annoying on a 32* day!! They guys told me I should wear a garter belt with them. Ha, ha, ha.
The silicone grippers are on the outside of the upper thigh on these warmers, but, since my bibs don't have silicon grippers on the inside of the leg holes, so there was no silicone-silicone contact to keep the darn things up! Annoying, to say the least.

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Some brands are better than others. If you have some that slide down a lot, buy a can of bag balm and smear some on your upper thigh before putting on your leg warmers. It holds them up well and has the added benefit of making your skin softer.