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These are really good!

These bib shorts are part of Capo's mid-tier line, but these are really impressive. Rather than a silicone bead gripper (which you'll find on the lower tier stuff, like the Serie A), which can chafe or leave marks on your leg, these have proper silicone grippers that are nice and sticky and fit great. The fabric has nice details, too--a very subtle carbon-looking sort of design all over. I got the black shorts, and there's black panels on some wareas and what looks like a dark grey anthracite on others. Very sharp-looking, but not overdone. On a ride I poured water on the shorts and it practically disappeared. No idea where the water went, but it wasn't visible on the shorts and my legs weren't damp. The chamois is not quite as cushy as, say Castelli's, but I'm finding that I actually prefer these because they're cushioned enough and I don't get chafing even on the long rides. The straps are long enough to fit me at 69". If you buy the SC-12 kit, you might want to get a black baselayer. The shorts are cut normally, but the jersey is short so if you stretch at all you'll flash your stomach to the world.

Capo fits true to size, so I wear a small (29" waist) and the shorts fit perfectly.