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The worst "cold weather" pants ever...NOT warm at all!

I am still stunned by these pants...they are not warm in the least. As in, I tried to wear them on a short 5 mile run when it was FIFTY DEGREES out and my thighs and knees were frozen. The air just cuts right through them, making you just as cold as if you had on only shorts. It was not even windy when I wore them, it would have been downright brutal. I thought they may be ok once my body warmed up, but they just got worse and worse to the point it ruined my run.

For kicks, I wore them on a short bike ride too. Not windy out and about 45 degrees. FAIL. My legs were colder than cold and the pants were literally useless. My legs were just as cold as if I were wearing just my cycling shorts.

They also fit terribly. I am 5-7, 125 and lean. The waist in these is too big and the thighs/butt are very fitted. Therefore, the waist winds up pulling down as you work out and the crotch winds up hanging down 2 inches. Pretty much the worst pants ever.

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For next fall/winter, maybe try one of Gore's Windstopper tights, or better yet, the Giordana FR-C are awesome, & they're on sale at this posting! Both are great for stopping the wind, warmth, and fit. And the FR-C tights/Jackets are supper sharp, too.