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Gear Review

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Super-light material, almost too thin, sizing is odd.

I was looking for a vest I can keep in my pocket for night rides or chilly mornings, and had been shopping around for something like this.

Well, I ordered a size XL and XXL to fit myself and ended up returning both. I'm a large guy (220lbs 5'11" 44-45 chest) so the XL was way too snug for comfort and the the XXL was way too long to even think about wearing.

Aside from the sizing I had issues with, it was a super-light vest with a very thin material that I thought couldn't possibly block much wind, but I guess if you're in temperate climates like me, it'd be fine for morning rides. The only test I did was stand in front of a fan to try and get an idea of how much wind blocking it'd do, which was decent.

I'm still searching for a better fit and better product. I've got a Castelli vest that I use, I just don't like the design and branding all over.

Wish this fit better, I probably would've kept it since it does compact into very small bundle.