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Super comfy, great bibs

My first pair of LG clothing and I am impressed. Of course, getting them for $59(!!!) @ Bonktown/Chainlove made it FAR better.

I'm 6' and generally about 177 lbs or so. Unfortunately, right now I'm about 185, since our 7-week-old baby is making exercise tough! Still, the large is the right size. I can't imagine going bigger, and at my regular riding weight/dimensions, I am sure these will be even more comfortable.

The fit is snug around my quads and the bands around the bottom of the legs feel tight at first, but they are comfortable throughout the ride. The chamois is super-soft and supportive. The straps fit comfortably; no pulling or cutting into shoulders.

I basically didn't notice much about these over two different 30-mile rides, except for the chamois. It is supportive and comfy, if a tad thick. You are aware it's there, unlike thinner ones.

Weather was around 55 both days, with 10 mph wind. My legs and groin were warm and comfortable. No chill issues at all.

Are they $170 worth it? Hard for me to say. But at $60 these were a STEAL and I wish I got a second pair in the alternate color.