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Still looking for the perfect lube

Anybody want to buy some Dumonde Tech Lite chain Lube?

Dumonde says to judge the right time for reapplication by the chain noise. I don't know how the chain noise could get much worse than right after application. I reapplied Dumonde Tech three times hoping the noise would go away. It didn't. I had started with a new, cleaned chain. I finally gave up and went to Squirt wax emulsion. I had been OK with wax solvent lubes in the past except for their staying power. I'm hoping the Squirt will solve that shortcoming.

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You needed to let the solvent dry. Carrier lubes are all that way: they make for a noisy chain until they dry. This could take an hour or two. Or a lot less if riding the bike. Lubing your chain again and again just makes it need longer to dry.

The solvent is thin so it carries the lube into the chain where it needs to be.