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Solid and Reliable

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I think that the Shimano XT line provides excellent bang for you buck. Strong, relatively light, and really solid performance. It's a great workhorse line, at a price you can generally stomach. I was only disappointed when I realized I couldn't adjust the tension on the clutch mechanism. (Edit- clutch is adjustable, see comments below). Even with the clutch engaged and proper chain length (on a 1x10 Ibis Mojo HD) I wanted to tighten things up to prevent chain slap that was still occurring over really rough descents. On my newest bike I threw down on the XTR Shadow Plus on which you can adjust the clutch.

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Clutch tension IS adjustable. Remove the cover that has shimano logo on it, and you will see the clutch.

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Hey Andrew,

That clutch is actually adjustable, they just don't include the wrench inside the clutch cover like they do with XTR. I've found a good set of needle nose pliers allows me to get in there and turn that tensioning bolt just fine.

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Moorey and Luke are totally correct. Just like Luke, I used some needle nose pliers to adjust tension and it's all good. So now the only downside to XT vs XTR, as usual, is how shiny it is. Cheers!