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Gear Review

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Solid, Portable Stand

For the money, this is a great stand. It's pretty solid and very portable. I say pretty solid because you do have to crank it pretty hard to keep it from rotating, but that's true of all stands at this price point, and once you crank the bolts down it doesn't move. I like the tripod design a little better than the fold-out legs of the Park PCS-9, it is is more versatile, allowing you to put the bike on at any angle. It also compact much more nicely to travel, allowing me to take it to races. It's travelled all over with me for two years now, including being out in the rain at races, and it's still in great shape; it's a very durable piece of equipment.

It would be nice if it had a lever clamp instead of the screw mechanism, but to get that you have to go to a higher price point. I like this stand and would buy it again.