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So, they're not bad...

So you want a pad for your saddle sores that won't run you $50 or more? This one is worth checking out, they work well on a budget.

I just finished a 50 mile pavement ride on my hardtail mb. I had two complaints: 1) the shorts seemed to chafe or cut into my adductor longus - a muscle that runs from the center of your crotch to the inside of your thigh - on the right leg only. I'd never had a pair of shorts do that, this hit after about 25-30 miles in and stayed with me to some degree, but I probably could have made some better adjustments if I'd taken the time in a restroom. So it wasn't that bad. 2) When shifting back on the saddle and sitting on my hip bones instead of the crotch, the padding seemed nonexistent. So if you plan to ride like that, keep searching or grow some callouses.
On the bright side, 1) the leg elastic on these performed well without being annoying. 2) they're not hot (liners should never be) and 3) I could have gone longer with these shorts - my legs muscles were just giving out