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So Far, So Warm and Dry

I got these mainly as a "rain" shoe for commuting, and less so for "cold" or wintery (snow) weather. That being said, my prior experience with Gore-Tex lined shoes is that they are far too "warm" for my taste - the bladder holds in the moisture too much - especially in a running shoe.
Ive used these shoes on several down pour commutes and on a few days with temps in the teens and so for I have had warm and dry feet.
I wear a 42.5 road shoe and got these in a 42. I had tried the 43 on but they had way too much heel lift. I use them with a standard / thin sock and find that they are fine for my needs.
The upper cuff / neoprene band can "pop" the velcro if you try to cinch it super tight, but that's easily enough remedied. Dont expect the cuff to keep water out of the shoe if you wear em with shorts in the rain in the summer however.