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Sky Blue/Smoke Fototec

When I got these, they were not quite what I was expecting. I'm not sure why this color is listed on this page, but the Sky Blue/Smoke Fototec color is actually NOT polarized. Also, based on the picture above, I was expecting the lenses to be clear or almost clear at their lightest. They're not. At their lightest, they are still definitely "sunglasses". When I first got them, I kept moving them between direct sunlight and total darkness to try and see how much they change, and for a while I couldnt tell whether they were changing at all. I was a little annoyed at first, but I have to say, these glasses have grown on me. They're not Oakleys, for sure. Oakley Transitions go all the way from clear to quite dark. But these don't have an Oakley price tag, either. The lenses do change, just not a ton. Still, they change pretty quick and it does help.

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You thought the ones costing $30 less were also polarized? The brown clearly states "polarized" while the blue does not. Don't blame them because you didn't read carefully.

I will somewhat agree about the amount the lens changes colors. I tried one out the other day (carbon frame and different lens, i think), but it didn't get as dark as i expected. However, it was quite comfortable to wear both indoors and outdoors. No glare in very bright sunlight. Maybe not the range of the oakleys, but still a very good product, imo.

I just bought the frames with regular gray polarized (+ red and yellow lenses) and so far so good. Only done some driving with them, but looking forward to running/biking, and maybe try them while boarding this winter.