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Size Inconsistent!

First I know this is not your fault!!!

I am so frustrated right now and I am trying to contain my language. So read every four letter word you can into this letter.

I know I have spent at least $1000.00 on bibs this year from your store. Most had to be returned.

Let’s start with Sugoi. Last year I bought 2 pair of the RS bibs, one from your fellow store Huck N Roll and one from another place. (You only had one pair.) They were XXL and they fit correctly. This year I purchased 2 more pair of Sugoi RSE Bibs ( more expensive model) in XXL. They were huge. Now I just purchased the exact bibs, RS that I purchased last year and these are way too small!!!! I can barely get the shoulder straps over my shoulders, way too short. The legs are so tight I can’t get them up high enough on the legs without almost tearing the bottoms.

The worst part of this I have to keep paying return shipment charges.

Please pass this on to the manufacture!

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I totally agree that the RS legs are so tight. I rip off some of the thread.

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I'm seeing this across a lot of manufactures. I've got several jerseys in my closet that all fit me exactly the same. Yet, some are "large" and some are "x-large". Same thing for bib shorts. I guess you can't go by those size recommendations anymore. It's trial and error.