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Seems great but....

I ordered this due to the many great reviews. I wanted it for those in between temps this spring. Not 10 mintues after I placed the order for these Chainlove had the Castelli Ergo big tights for like $56. Plain Jane item but great reviews so I pulled the plug and decided to compare them to the much pricery Sorpasso. They arrived the same day and without riding them I can say the Sorpasso seems to be made of ever so slighty denser material up front. So I would expect it to be slightly warmer...possibly down into the 30s. The insert is also nice but the problem is there is around a $70 difference between the two items. The Ergo also is not a walking Castelli billboard which I like and at 52 years I only ride on the weekends during the cooler months so bibs are a low use item. Conclusion. Return the Sorpasso and keep the Ergo. When was in my 20s and not flyihng a desk 9-5 I would have kep't the Sorpasso's. I think they would be an awsome tight from 35 to 50F. As for fit on both the L did the trick. 6'0" 160 lbs 30 inch waist.

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Yea, where does the time go?!