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Gear Review

5 5

Rollin' rollin' rollin'

I slapped these in the 28's on my commuter bike to replace the 32C touring tires it came with. It made the bike noticeably more snappy and stiff. Which I like. They don'e roll over train tracks and the like quite as smoothly, but that's expected. I've got a couple hundred miles on them so far and no troubles. Good considering the construction zones, potholes, gutter junk, glass, and my fat butt all putting a strain on them. They stop fine and hold corners well. Not cheap so the better last a couple seasons at least. I might go back to the beefier tire for winter time when the roads are more unpredictable, but I think these will fit the bill the rest of the time.

October Update

I've ridden these tires nearly every day to work since May. Not a flat yet. No significant signs of wear. Great grip in the wet. Set the PSI and forget it. Upgrading to a full 5 stars.