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Received my gauge. At first I was wondering why it wasn't reading my air pressure using the presta valve, but I figured it out. The thing I was doing wrong was, I completely backing out the presta valve screw. I needed to not back it out completely, so that the tip can press against the inside nipple on the gauge. This is so much more convenient and I don't need to use the presta to shrader adapter anymore. Also, its light and easy to carry in my camelbak.

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Maybe not unscrewing the Presta valve all the way will make it easier for me to easily remove the gauge after measuring the pressure. So far, what I've found is that different wheels with presta valves are easier or harder to measure, then remove the gauge. I'll try that tip and see if it helps. When it is easy to remove, it just pops right off. When it's not, it has to be carefully worked until it comes off--which is a pain.

One thing I could be happier about is structural integrity. I appreciate their concern to keep the gauge saddle bag light. But it's just a bit flimsier than I would like as a consequence. I have an old cheap analog dial gauge, but it's so much more rugged. I could crack the SKS in half with my not super strong fingers. That would be impossible for me to do on my old $8 "spin doctor" gauge.