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Gear Review

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Really Nice, but Didn't Fit me/my needs

I must start off by saying that I returned this jacket, it just didn't fit me right and it slotted in poorly with my particular needs. That being said, it is probably one of the three nicest articles of cycling clothing I have ever donned.

My reason for return were twofold. 1st, the cut was a more relaxed fit than I was looking for. 6'1", 185, 32" waist and the midsection of the jacket was too loose for my liking. The arms also seemed a bit short, but I have long arms. I would have also liked more of a droptail in back. 2nd, I was planning on using this jacket as my warm jacket in the "visible jacket" category, but it wasn't warm enough for the 2.75 mile trip to work in Minneapolis on 20 degree days. I was hoping it could do double duty as a winter trainer/commuting jacket (since I don't have the money to have separate jackets), but it didn't quite fit the bill.

That being said, if you were going for a longer ride where you had time to get warmed up, it would be absolutely perfect. At least by my standards, it seems like over a longer ride it could go down pretty low temperature wise if you wore a good wool baselayer. The material is better than that of any other jacket you are wearing (especially at $75) and would be great at preventing "cold by sweat" that happens on longer rides in the cold.

Although this piece didn't work for what I wanted, I have to give it a great review because the quality is absolutely stupendous. I think the similar Xenon is what I'm looking for in fit after a bit of researching. Unfortunately, it can't be had for this price.