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Quality and Comfort

First bib shorts for me. Love 'em, so long as I have a jersey on.

For the record: I'm a 6ft male, 32in waist, average arm/leg/torso proportions, have "normal thighs" (not fat, as I used to run a lot, but also not tree trunks either - new to cycling) and I ordered a large. It's definitely a snugfit , but not so much in regards to the shorts area (I mean, it's Lycra), but with the bib straps. I can tell I'm stretching them to get them over my shoulders. However, wore it for the first time today and barely noticed it at all by the end of the ride. I'm sure that it'll stretch to accomodate very comfortably within a week.

Honestly, even if it was marginally tight on the shoulders throughout its life, these are still worth it for the padding/chamois. Oh. My. Comfortable. Yeah they'll wear in and break down and blah blah blah. But seriously. So awesome.

Also, it is true that they are a smidge shorter than some others I've seen/have. Maybe by .5-.75 inches. But I live in Phoenix, so no complaints here.

Solid shorts.

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I raced bikes as an amateur before my career as a commercial pilot. I've had a passion for cycling since before most who are reading this were even born. I'm 70 years old now and since I was a young man, I've forever worn the Castelli brand , simply because I will not compromise , There is no compromise for the ABSOLUTE BEST !!
B. McDonald
B. McDonald