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Quality Design

Really great bike stand with nearly all the features you could want. I personally prefer the Park Tools lever clamp, but I'm coming around to Feedback's design. Both are awesome though. With this design, hold your bike up, push in the clamp, and give it a couple turns. With Park Tools, you could set the clamp to your bike and not have to retighten everytime, with Feedback, it's easier to work on multiple bikes.

It's a really sturdy design. I haven't tried to pull pedals or cranks off yet, but it held sturdy when cranking on my tires to break the bead and add some Stan's. Set up is super quick and easy, and Feedback went so far as to attach the carrying straps on the tote bag off-center so it's balanced with the rack in it. Great attention to detail.

Only gripe is that the upper tube will spin a bit when pushing on the bike. For 80 bucks more, your can get the Park Tools stand that has hexagonal (or some multi-sided shape) tubes and wont spin, but I'm not sure that worth the cost.

Best bang for your buck.

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The quick-release clamps can be tightened with the adjusting screws... have you tried that? Might just need a little extra to prevent the rotation...

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i have tightened it, and periodically do so as it loosens over time with multiple openings and closings. i don't want to over tighten it and possibly damage the cam or tube.