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Quality, Comfort, SPEED!!!!

When I first received these shoes I was a die hard SIDI user and was dreading using shimano again. I have dura ace level two series before this. Everything was wrong with them, everything, color fit, external buckles, everything.

Sponsoring a pro team definitely paid off for them. With lots of input and research they redesigned these shoes and made them great.

first off they are unbelievably stiff, the buckles are off set and give a nice snug fit even on my narrow feet, secondly they look 100 times better. The most important thing that impressed me is how long they last. I am a neo pro and had no idea how to treat me shoes... I walked in garvel, ran, and just absolutely worked my shoes... they should have been broken in a month (like my last pair)

not only did they last longer then my other shoes, it was the first time I ever wore one set of shoes in a season! They have been wrecked in, they have had cleats pulled off and I have walked miles home due to a damaged bike and they still work now. I think they can keep going another season.

buy these, you will not regret it

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Shimano has been sponsoring teams for a long time, the VP for North America is Wayne if you are to young to know the name... the other shoes simply didn't adjust well for your feet. I have narrow feet also, not every shoe fits them as good as others.