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Gear Review

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Pricey but great performance.

These shoe covers are easy to put on and remove. I have heard of the horror stories about people leaving their shoe covers on their shoes because of the hassle that they want to avoid with putting them back on. Well these booties are the answer to your prayers. We're taking about 10 seconds to put on or remove them as opposed to the 3 round wrestling bouts you sign up for with the cheaper options.

As far as their performance goes:

1. They are water repellent.
2. Durable as they show little sign of wear from usage or washing.
3. Excellent in cold weather as they breathe well and insulate you nicely in below freezing temps. (I have worn them on 90 min rides in the mid twenties without even giving my feet a second thought.)

Yes, these are pricey but quality doesn't come cheap. Pony up the money and stop crying already. You spent 4 grand on a bike so what's another 100 bucks.