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My three demands for this jacket were: windproof, long sleeves, and form fit. It aced the last two. I am 6'1", 35" chest, 31" waist, 148lbs; wear size small in Nalini, PI and Giordana with a little room to grow. lol I went with the XS for the Massimo. It is snug and awkward when standing, but disappears in the riding position. The sleeves cover my wrist bones even with my arm straight up in the air, so there is no airgap when riding.

The disappointment so far is the windproofing. Ironically perhaps, the WindDry material does nothing to stop wind, and the HeatMaxx material has far superior wind protection. In the images you can see the windproof fabric as the black panels only. The entire front of the jacket is perforated. My first ride was to work, in the dark, 46degF, over a poly golf shirt, and it was like I was wearing nothing at all. First full ride, I wore a long sleeve jersey underneath and the wind was 95% blocked. The temp was from 58-68F and it was fairly warm by the end, which was fine with me.

The other nag is that the zipper needs a garage. I cannot zip it all the way up as the zipper body disagrees with my trachea, and I have a small neck too.

I look to try this again with a baselayer setup and see what happens. But I want to posit that it is not wind-"proof". It is arguably wind-resistant. According to the internet, I am the only human to observe this, so I must be doing something wrong, and will update when I learn what that is.

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grasshopper's review is on point about the wind resistance, not wind proofing. On point with the zipper issue too. Another flaw on this jacket is that there are no vents as far as I can remember (as I already sold the jacket). If you don't mind zipping down and zipping up once in a while then it's ok.

the insulation gets better with a warm base layer like an Under Armour Cold Gear turtleneck.