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Gear Review

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Poor design

This is the exact bite valve that came with my nathan hydration vest. Exactly this - which I unfortunately didn't know until I purchased this as a replacement for the valve that leaked when I bough my Nathan vest. Within two weeks of using it leaked like crazy and had to be left in the "off" position except when drinking. Even then it sucked in lots of air when drinking. It is made up of at least 4 different molded parts - way to complicated. What were the designers thinking? Even when it is not working it takes two hands to open and close the valve. Of course, if it didn't leak you could just leave it open. I replaced it with a camelbak valve. Save yourself some frustration - give this valve a pass.

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Patrick! Which CamelBak valve fits your nathan vest tubing? This is exactly what I'm searching to do...the nathan valve is impossible to clean, and mine broke off, and was green! nathan sent me a replacement, but I want a simple mouthpiece. Had read CamelBak's tubing diameter is smaller than this not the case? Thanks for the help.

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Lindsey, I just pulled a valve off an old camel back bladder I had and it works fine. Can't tell you what valve it is, but it is a really simple one - no on/off slider, just an old bite valve. Works great, fits fine. I too was worried about the fit but was able to get in on no problem.