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Poor Construction

The shoe covers worked fine...for one bike ride!
Second time I put them on the Zipper came off, and I wasn't even pulling on it very hard.
I believe Endura may be having some quality control problems with their Chinese manufacturer.

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I had the same issues with the zippers. The small metal clips that act as zipper stops appear to have been too small or weak to withstand a firm pull up to the stop. I'm on my 3rd pair (first 2 failed at the zipper stops). The stops now appear to have been improved (larger and more aggressive) and have held up well all winter with nearly daily use in Seattle. I'm still wary about the stops and am now careful when zipping up. I've also sewn in a a few stitches around the metal stops to try to prevent them from popping off.

Why do I stick with the Endura covers despite all this for the past 3 winters? For the money, they're a very good value. they've kept my feet as warm and dry as anything else I've tried (that includes covers costing 2 times as much). For $40 a pair, I can go through 2 pair before spending more than the most expensive covers I've tried (not that I'm advocating throw away covers). The neoprene is waterproof and the 3-way stretch Kevlar reinforced sole makes it easy to pull on and off as well providing a snug seal around the soles and cleats. They're not baggy/saggy and fit tight around the ankles or under the cuffs of rain paints. The neoprene is somewhat susceptible to small holes and tears suffered during daily use. A small drop of crazy glue will easily mend these. With a little care, my current Endura covers should last at least a couple more winters of hard use.