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Gear Review

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Perfect Comprise

The Noose N' Shackle U-Lock is the perfect compromise if you need a heavy duty lock for your bike. To give you a little insight where Im coming from on bike locks I had over a dozen and all types of them. I've had kryptonite's fagettaboutit chains, U-Locks, cable locks, etc. and i find this lock to be about perfect for my needs. Sure it's not at strong as fagettaboutit chains but this isn't a cable lock you would be able to cut with a wimpy pliers either its a thick cable and beefy little U-Lock. Don't let the picture fool you its larger than I had perceived but I was happy about that. I can easily wrap both my wheels and frame up with this combination. Bottom line here is if someone wants to steal your bike bad enough they can and will but they will have to put in a decent effort to get at it with this lock.