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POC Joint VPD Knee Protector.

An outstanding piece of kit. I haven't used knee protectors before so I don't have much to compare these to but in my view you can't go wrong with the POCs. They are comfortable, lightweight, breathable and whilst I haven't yet crashed wearing them they look up to the job when the inevitable happens. After wearing them for a few minutes you forget you have them on except for slightly warm knees but they give you the confidence that they will protect you in a crash. After 20+mile rides they do not move and they do not rub they are perfect. If you want a knee protector for general XC use I can't recommend these enough!!!!!

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I have a set of these as well as the older style 1.0 version of the elbow pads. Riding in Florida is hot even in the cooler monthes. I can wear these all day and forget they are there until I crash.These give me the extra confidence to ride out a little more on the edge . Without paying a hefty price burning me up and slowing me down. I use them XC and dirt jump. They do slide down after heavy perspiration and the bungee strap has overstreched. So I would go with the 2.0 version of these pads for the extra $10. The VPD is an AMAZING addition to body armour.