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Overall, a good deal for the price.

I needed a set of knickers, but being in South Texas our cold weather riding season is kind of short and off and on. Still doing 40+ to 50 degree AM rides can occur quite frequently, but not enough to warrant dropping a $150+ on a set of knickers, IMO. Therefore, I was looking for something cheaper and for $60 these are a sweet deal. The construction is quality and they look/feel great. I was a little disappointed at the thickness of the chamois (especially since I use Assos bibs), so I was expecting a semi-painful ride. I was pleasantly surprised at how they felt better than decent while using a relatively hard saddle (Specialized Toupe). I am 6' 5" @ 204 lbs. and get the majority of my height from legs so they're actually a little short and don't go below the knee as far as I would like, but no biggie. My legs are decent sized, but not BIG by any means and I got the XXL size and the overall fit is pretty tight. Not uncomfy tight, but if you've got big legs be ready for some pretty heavy duty compression. Overall, a good buy for $60.