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Over price deliciousness

I grabbed a couple of these at the grocery store only because they were on sale AND had a coupon next to them. They then cost about the same as any energy gel so I said, what the heck. I bought both flavors, apple-mango-strawberry and blueberry-banana. I tried the first before a long ride to top off my energy before a long ride. The first thing I noticed was the super awesome packaging. Its seriously a good design. Next was the flavor. It was really, really good. Then I noticed the texture and realized I was eating apple sauce. Definitely the best apple sauce I have ever dreamed of though. The energy it provided was maybe on par with most gels. About a week later I tried the blueberry banana half way through a 40 mile gravel ride on a 90F day. I was definitely feeling fatigued when I cracked the cap. The first taste kind of tasted like overripe banana, like you would made banana bread with. Then the blueberry sweetness joined in. I liked it, maybe not as much as the first flavor, but still pretty good. The energy boost left some more to be desired and I ended up stopping a few miles later for a Larabar and a gel. I may have been hoping for too much from the Powerbar Energy and the heat definitely didn't help but I'm glad I had back up reserves. Bottom line, this stuff works just ok and its way over priced. It is something different, but at almost $3, it is not something I will buy again unless at a deep discount. If the price doesn't make you flinch, definitely try it for the flavor alone.