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Okay - this stuff works. Really.

This is my third review for the day. I purchased the jersey, bib, and skinsuit, and while I've had some complaints about the gripper (or lack thereof) for the bibs and the forearm of the skinsuit, when it came to the jersey, the thing fit really well, with and without a camelback shoved underneath. The fabric works - it REALLY works. I've been riding the last two weeks in an early Summer N. Texas heat wave, and I really believe the claims that the Coldblack fabric keeps your skin temps cooler. The jersey is of a high quality, with great zippers, and a good fit around the waist. My only complaint is similar to the complaints I had about the bib grippers and the skinsuit grippers - the biceps grippers are 'loose'. That said, I sort of expected it, since the trend nowadays is to have loose short sleeves. It's not aerodynamic, but it does feel a little bit better, and yesterday, when the temps once again hit the 90's, climbing to the 105 range, I was comfortable for a longer period of time. If Hincapie can fix their cut dimensions, and their gripper elasticity diameters (or whatever, I'm not a clothing designer), then they could sell the bejeebers out of this stuff, especially since they are selling it at about 1/3 of the price that Descente wanted from their Coldblack products.