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Obvious Improvements Make For Possibly the Best POV Option Right Now

I has handled the original version of the GoPro camera and after the giddiness of recording all my adventures (i.e. stupidity) wore off, I found that the resolution of what came out was lacking in low light and changing the settings was a bit of a chore.

I guess GoPro listened to me through osmosis or something as the second iteration has nearly impeccable resolution in sunny days, better in low light/water and the menu system is more than a bit intuitive instead of clunky. I am waiting now to try the new gadgets for this version (dive lens and wi-fi), but this score could get bumped up depending on the options and add ons developed. Considering all that was said above and the price has not changed from the original, I would venture to say that this is THE POV camera to have. For now at least