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OK Pedals

These are my first road pedals and they have worked flawlessly. The adjustable tension is perfect for beginners. Set them light and they are very easy to get in and out of. I have never had one of these unclip on me unless I was trying to unclip. The yellow cleat they come with have a little float so you don't have to be as exact on the cleat placement. Highly recommended.

UPDATE: After about 2,000 miles, the left pedal has developed a very annoying creak. I don't know what is causing it, the cleat against the pedal or something inside the pedal. I have tried lubing the joint where the pedal turns, but the bearings are sealed and not user serviceable. If all you get is 2,000 miles out of these pedals, I'm not sure I would recommend them.

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Sometimes a pedal creak is caused by dust in the threads that connect the pedal to the crank. For an easy check/cure, remove both pedals clean and dry the threads thoroughly, and grease the threads generously when reinstalling. Wipe off excess grease and see if that doesn't make it go away.