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Not the right fit for me

I'm short-waisted and on the curvy side through the hips and butt; these aren't for me. The Sugoi bibs fit me well in a medium, so maybe that gives you some idea.

(I had to pick a star rating to write this review. Frankly, I don't know what to pick because I didn't use them. They are probably great for someone else!)

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You could just click the "returned before used" selection...N.B.D.
Have you tried the Giordana FormaRed-C bibs? I think you'll really like them!

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In return of Debbie C's comment, I do not agree. My wife whom is highly athletic races and body builds and at a stature of 5'1" 107lbs size 00-0 waist, 23.5 inch butt/hips with very long torso and medium/average legs for height, and less than 5% body fat average, finds the Giordana FRC to be the best fitting short for racing due to her body type!! Her next favorite is Gore Bike Wear also tight and athletic! I think she is mistaken in her recommendation, I would rather steer you towards Castelli middle of the line products as they are possibly one of if not the most popular female garment makes in the world for a reason! They tend fit the average female body incredibly well, shorter, little more butt and even bust sizes well, not to mention some of the most comfortable semi- to not compression garments around! Their chamois are also very comfortable for women! Hope this helps.