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Not for people who sweat

I bought these as a lightweight MTB glove, and padding/comfort-wise, they're amazing. They breathe well too. But the back of the thumb/hand is not absorbent, so as with all my other gloves, I usually end up doing face wipes with the palm. But with these gloves, the palm is a different kind of leather/synthetic, and it is 100% non-adsorbent. It feels like wiping Saran Wrap over your sweaty face. A bike glove that can't wipe sweat is useless to me, so I was forced to return them after 1 ride. Too bad really, because the strategically located padding on the palm and the impressive breathability were great characteristics (though they're probably not that durable and certainly not protective of the top of the hand in any way).
So I say that they're not for people who sweat, but if you're not sweating while riding, you're not riding hard enough... so it might be safe to say that they're not really fit for any kind of exertional cycling whatsoever.