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Not crazy about these...

They feel cheap.

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Hey Teren,
Could you provide us with any additinal info here? Why did you think they felt cheap? Did they break on you? Have you experienced scratching in the lens? Are the frames flimsy?

Just curious, I would like to get more info, thanks so much!

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Because of the weight, simple design I imagine.

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There is no metal in these things. That adds to the cheap feeling and also to the lack of durability.

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I would have to agree with Teren, the weight alone makes them feel like cheap gas station glasses. The lens quality on these is so far below what you get in a crystalline lens in a REVO or possibly Maui Jim glasses. If you hold a brand new frogskin lens up to a Revo lens they almost look cloudy in comparison. They scratch much easier than the above mentioned brands and in the end the price tag is really steep when you could get a pair of Revos for not too much more with superior quality. my suggestion is if you like the look then great, but they absolutely are not the same quality of a Revo and Maui Jim. This again is my perspective so others my share different opinions.