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Not a gimmick

Not a gimmick is the highest compliment I can pay to any kind of supplement (or anything, really). I was a little skeptical when I first heard the word, 'osmolality,' because it's sounds like a made-up, junk-science word. But it's not. I've never used anything that seemed to just disappear from my stomach the way this stuff does. I've used it on everything from hour-long hot laps at lunch, to lengthier 5 hour rides on weekends. It's great for both. I definitely feel like I come home a lot more hydrated, as well, and I think I can attribute that to feeling like I'm able to drink more because it's not sitting in my stomach.
I have a fairly sensitive system, in general, and have to be pretty careful what I let myself eat and drink while riding, or it's a world of gastric discomfort. Osmo goes down easier than anything I've encountered thus far, even plain water. And, unlike water, where if you take a big pull at a stoplight, it sits and sloshes, Osmo just gets absorbed. It's really pretty surprising. I used Skratch Labs when it first launched, and liked it a fair amount, but I went back to plain water in pretty short order. In contrast, Osmo has come along on every ride since I tried it. I've used the blackberry flavor, and it's nice and berry-y, without being all that strong, and it even tastes maybe a bit salty, which is actually nice when you get into those longer rides.
Really a great product, and I recommend it wholeheartedly.