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What is Sorbitol?? Fake sugar stuffs, gross. I was really excited about this product because it was advertised as you can see as sugar free. Well that is not really true, it has artificial sweetener in it!!! I wish there was a hydration product out there that didn't have anything but the goods and no crap in it. Also it kiind of bothered my stomach which is common I guess with Sorbitol.

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mco5291890- Just hoping to help out here! Sorbitol is a naturally occurring sweetener. Each tablet contains the same amount you would get in about 8 oz. of Apple Juice. Drinking Sorbitol in mass can upset the stomach but it was more likely the effervescent that bothered you. I would recommend letting it sit out for a while before consuming it and trying again.
Also, Nuun just released a product that uses Stevia as the sweetener. If the artificial sweetener turns you off, this is a great option. Some of the flavors are sweeter and stronger than others so getting the mixed 4-pack of that product might be the way to try it out! Happy Hydrating! ~Your Nuun Representative