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Gear Review

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Nice tool

I like this guy, it has pretty much every tool needed for run-of-the-mill roadside repairs (assuming you don't have flathead screws anywhere), plus a 3mm hex that I've never used (maybe mountain bikes use 3mm bolts somewhere? Or some brands of cleats? All I know is there is nary a 3mm bolt on any of my bikes). It's light but has a large enough frame to give you good leverage, and the tools are all of reasonable enough length to actually be useful and are nicely forged (i.e. they actually fit the bolts they are supposed to). I wish it were stainless or chromed, because after about a year of being sweated and rained on, there is some surface corrosion on the tools. Nothing steel wool won't fix, though. Swap that useless 3mm hex for a spoke wrench and smack some chrome on it and this would get five stars. It's still my go-to road tool, though.