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Needs refinement

This is the 4th pair of full-fingered gloves I've owned. There is a lot of ingenuity going on over there at Endura, but I feel the Singletrack gloves could use some improvements before they become my favorite.First, my likes: I love the terrycloth wipe along the side of the index finger. The wipe I think is a too-often-overlooked feature in a lot of MTB gloves. (unfortunately I've become so accustomed to other gloves having this on the thumb, that I usually wipe with my thumb first then go, "oh yeah"...) The aesthetic design is nice and simple. The velcro strap on the underside of wrist is a great touch so it doesn't bunch up on top. The velcro itself feels different than most - more heavy duty. You get the feeling that this velcro won't "fluff" as easily. And mostly - the glove overall is built tough. You get the feeling the very first time you try them on. You can feel that these will take all kinds of abuse and smile at it.What I don't like is unfortunately a deal-breaker for me. The leather on the palm. It bunches up right below where your fingers connect to your hand when you curl your fingers around the grips. It makes it uncomfortable. The best palm on a glove I've used is on the Giro Remedy. That glove suffers from other issues but that's all for a different time & review. Secondly - the breathability. These gloves aren't excessively hot, but they're not close to as breathable as Giro Remedies or Fox Digits.Overall, I think this is a GOOD product, but would love for Endura to work on the fit a little bit better.

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There is now an updated version of this glove which I just purchased for the same price at local bike shop. I have only worn on 1 ride so far. The issues the above review seem to have been improved on and I find the glove to be very comfortable. The velcro strap has been eliminated/ replaced with elastic band which I like. Early to tell but durability is questionable as I notice very slight fraying of the (leather?) on the palm between the silicone pads, also hint of fraying on the top of index finger. Comfortable but way overpriced (like all cycling products these days)