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Gear Review

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Well, this wasn't what I expected on the performance side of things. Sure it looks good and the large buttons on the bottom are easy to use, but I have to say I was disappointed with the rest. The accuracy just seems way unreliable and completely off. I took the time to set it up step by step with all the correct measurements and it let me down. Lets start with the speed. Apparently I can go 0-9 mph in half a second uphill, NOT! Next the odometer. Apparently I have the power to ride 1.2 miles in 3 minutes while being in my living room and my bike completely stationary in the basement.....spooky. I must admit the clock does work, so if you dont like watches or carry a cell phone like the rest of the world, then here is your clock.


Gave this thing another shot. Reset it completely again and for whatever reason it appears to be doing its job correctly now. Still not giving it the green light yet though.