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MAT HAYMAN reviews the KOBH 60.1

MAT HAYMAN talks cobbles & the PINARELLO KOBH 60.1 - Team Sky Tech Channel



TECH NEWS / pinarello
/ Wed 27th April 2011 10:11

After finishing 10th in Paris-Roubaix, Mathew Hayman could look back on a job well done. Watching Mathew on the run in to the famous Roubaix velodrome at the head of a group hammering across cobbled sector 11, it was obvious he’d be the perfect person to give a rider’s eye-view of the Pinarello KOBH 60.1.

Hi Mathew, how many races a year do you ride the KOBH and how much time do you spend in training getting used to the bike?

I raced it for the first time in Scheldeprijs on April 6 after having trained on it the day before. We were given the option to use it in The Tour of Flanders but the cobbles aren’t as bad and I knew I could test it out in Scheldeprijs to get used to the bike before Roubaix. We’re only on the KOBH one week of the year, although some of the guys really liked it and have asked about using it for other races too. In total, I’d say I rode the KOBH for 14 hours before I got to Compeigne (the start of Paris-Roubaix).

What are the differences you notice most when changing from your Dogma to the KOBH?

Getting the handlebar setup right takes a little bit of time, but once you get it right you feel extra length of the front end. For me, when you get out of the seat, the bike responds a little differently but you get used to it really easily.

Can you describe what the bike feels like to ride on normal tarmac roads?

The bike floats a bit more I guess, it’s not quite as stiff in the corners. But that slight flexibility is good for guys who like to corner aggressively because the bike stays planted, when you have carbon everything some bikes get thrown off line because they’re too stiff. The KOBH accelerates really well, I rode with normal wheels in Scheldeprijs and it felt really fast. I’ll leave the technical details to the pros, but bikes need to be stiff in the right places, I think the KOBH has the right feel.

Do you feel physical benefits of the increased vibration absorption of the KOBH?

Yeah, we do everything we can to make sure we get a smoother ride for Roubaix. The KOBH feels a lot softer with the extra space it gives us for fatter tyres and the extra length in the frame and fork too. Roubaix is never comfortable, but it is really nice that Pinarello make a special bike to give us the best equipment.

Do you ever ride cobbles on the Dogma and if so can you give an idea of how different it feels compared to the KOBH?

The Dogma is a solid bike, it’s a good bike for the classics but the biggest difference compared to the KOBH is the handling. If you could fit the larger tyres and traditional wheels etc… you could ride the Dogma in Roubaix but the planted feel and extra length of the KOBH really help.

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Thanks Mat, for the review. I'm 54 and have been riding Centuries + for a few years now. Currently on a 2008 S-Works Roubaix - great bike but a bit wobbly at high speed. I've been looking at this Kobh for a while as a good platform for both long rides and some compliance. I love climbing and quick descents, but don't like high speed wobble. Does anyone have any experiance with the Kobh going fast downhill?
Dave, Sacramento, Ca

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Honestly, interviews from sponsored riders shouldn't have a rating. First, there's a conflict of interest. Second, the rating wasn't provided by the rider, but from the RC staffer who posted it. Leave the stars for the customers.