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Love Capo, but these fell apart in 2 weeks

First, let me start by saying that I take good care of all of my bike gear, maybe even OCD-quality. I have also absolutely enjoyed everything from Capo that I've purchased, however these gloves fell apart within 2 weeks of owning. The stitching in the palm started to unravel, followed by the pads coming out shortly thereafter. They fit well, and I hope I just had a bad batch, but I cannot recommend given my experience, especially at this price. My PI gloves have withstood much worse for much longer without a hitch, for half the price.

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I have to agree, the gloves fit great and feel great, but the two pairs I have had literally fell apart in all the ways that Brian described...

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I agree as well. The gloves fit great, and I like the lycra on the hand but they are totally falling apart now and I have done maybe 6 rides in them. The stitching is unraveling on the palms and with it goes some of the padding. I was actually looking at them in my LBS and saw a pair that was ripped on the shelf. Thinking that was just a bad pair, I bought them anyway but found the same to be true with mine. If you plan on wearing them only for special events then buy them, because they fit very well. But, they are definitely not everyday training gloves.