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Gear Review

4 5

Looks faster standing there, stop fast too

I was skeptical that these would be any better than the brakes I already had but bought them to complete my SRAM Red group.

There are some nice features that put these one step ahead of most brakesets and certainly any produced by SRAM.

1. The brakes are spring centered like a good canti-brake, which means they can't get knocked out of center and always stay centered. (See notes on cables below)
2. They are tiny
3. They have huge stopping power, but not too much.
4.Intimidates the competition because they look fast even if you are not

Notes on setup: The length of cable is super important as the brake is spring centered a too long or short of a cable will cause the brake to push one way or another. I had to start long and trim until the spring centering worked properly and perfectly. This took some time. Also, I couldn't get yokozuna reaction brake cables to work because the cable are too stiff. I wouldn't run yokozuna brake cables on anything anyways if you have the choice.

Price, I dock this one star for the silly high price. Not even the extra engineering on these can explain why they cost as much as three sets of normal calipers (SRAM Rival).