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Looks Like a Girdle!

This jersey looks like a girdle in front and wraps around behind to make the male buttocks look like something other than a male buttocks!?! It also makes my stomack look fat, and I'm not at all fat. Who designed this thing?!!!??

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Xenon are slim fit for athletes. Areodynamic fit is the reason for the form fitting cut. Giving this one star because you do not like the sizing is simply wrong. You need to purchase the lunch-box cut, try ALP-X. Gore Bike Wear is very high quality, but Xenon is specifically designed for the athlete looking for function, not the fashion diva.

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This is a GREAT jersey. I bought one this summer, and now that it is cold, I wear it EVERY ride. It only fits funny when you are off the bike. On the bike, it is painted on.