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Gear Review

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Light Weight

This is a new build and one of the best 29er hardtails I have ever spent my days riding trail on.
Blows away the Superfly and is "point and shoot" like the Stumpjumper.
Built up with 2x10 XO and XX (crankset), Fox RLC 29 Float fork, and FSA stem/bars the bike weighs in at 20.5 lbs.

Size: I am 5'11" but have a 33" inseam and long arms, I am on the (L) frameset with a 110 stem. Perfect.

Descending:The bike is very well balanced and very stable on the knarliest hairball chowdered trail you can find. Steep fast loose = No Worries

Climbing: like a goat. Again, well balanced and seems to gravitate up the trail. Running No Tubes wheelset with low pressure (24-26 psi) it flies uphill. Light is Right.

I have spent a year on a Superfly, and 1/2 a season on a Stumpjumper S-Works. This bike runs circles around both of these bikes. Very pleased with its performance. :thumbsup:

The Highball is not as slack and sluggish as the Superfly so it tracks better, climbs better, is more reactive making it a real point and shoot bike. The Superfly was slow and a very soft ride. That being said the Highball is not quarki like the Felt it is really stable and smooth, the bike really flows down the trail. I like the fact that I don't have to horse it around much, just think and it reacts. The tail is stiffer than the Superfly, more like the Stumpjumper S-Works so it accelerates quickly which I enjoy. I have several 5 hour rides on it so far and it does not abuse me.

Ride ON!

Light Weight