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Life saver

My Atmos gave it's life to save mine.
Situation- Work out with team. One guy took off...I stood to chase. Chain slipped and I went over the bars @ 40kmh. Augered into the pavement headfirst.
Result- Knocked out. Grade 2+/3 concussion. Road rash. No memory of crash...lost nearly two full days of memory...serious cognitive issues for a full week.
Damage- The rear of the helmet was completely smashed. The body of the helmet had more than a dozen cracks. So much energy was dissipated that there were two cracks in the front, right above my eyes.
Yeah...yeah...yeah...I know most good helmets would have done the same job, but I don't care. Giro will be on my head until I quit riding, and/or get lowered into the cold ground.
TBI is no joke...wear your hard hat!
As for a review...
The Atmos fits well, is easily adjustable, and ready to go out of the box. It isn't the the lightest, or the latest offering from Giro, but the benefits negate these issues. It also doesn't look like a pasta strainer on your head, like the Ionos.

Life saver
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oh man good point! i've been hit three times by cars, hate to know what would happen without the helmet! the last car to hit me was doing 40mph, hit me from behind while i was stopped, my leg: broken, my rear wheel: cut in half, helmet: still wear it to this day! win.