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Gear Review

3 5

Let down by the zipper

Great vest overall. It packs down small but it still works very well at keeping you warm without overheating you, and giving you legit, fully functional pockets to boot. The colors look pretty feminine but if you can get over that its a great vest.

My one beef with this item is that I hate hate hate the zipper. It has a double zipper and I can't help but wonder, what is the point? It makes it harder to zip up on the go, the bottom zipper just doesn't catch as well as the bottom of a regular zipper. Plus, the bottom starts to unzip its way upwards sometimes. I can't think of a situation where it would be functionally beneficial to unzip this article from the bottom up, leaving it tethered at the top of the zipper, vs. just zipping it down. The top zipper is also of the very large chunky variety typical with Capo and has a tendency to suck up the windflap behind the zipper and get stuck. I much prefer Castelli style zippers that are small and not robust enough to suck up rather thick cloth and get stuck.

The zipper drops it from 4.5 to 3 stars for me. If you like Capo zippers, this probably won't bother you. Other than the zipper this is a phenomenally functional piece.