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Kit so good...I own 10 of 'em!

These bib shorts are the Hincapie Velocity custom bib shorts with Hincapie graphics. Team BMC will tell you that this is the kit they wear but a close inspection of big race photos shows that they actually wear the Emergence kit. However, it is still a top notch kit. I own several of these kits of different vintages and all have proven to be extremely well made and very comfortable.

The graphics on this kit are sharp! The stock pictures that accompany the description here do not do them justice! They look much better in person. The reds are very rich – more like a crimson – and look good even when wet. These kits are much better looking than the Equipe graphics which are an identical garment. My only complaint is that there isn’t a version that is primarily white for those of us who live in warmer climates.

Overall, a very comfortable, well made kit.