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King Joe 2 vs. Mazda Protege 05

After a frustrating hour or two with the assembly "instructions", a decision was made in favor of the Mazda and King Joe was in the trash bin. After the ref came to her senses, she retrieved King Joe from the trash, trashed the instructions instead, and let King Joe have another go at the Mazda. A few adaptations to the instructions, a calmer demeanor and, voila, the ref ruled in favor of King Joe, and King Joe was on the Mazda. However, the bike, being "female" couldn't be mounted on old King Joe. One trip to the bike store to purchase the boy-bar to change the sex of the bike, and voila, the bike now sits proudly on King Joe. However, King Joe has yet to be proven road worthy. Hopefully, it won't all fall apart when put to the test at 75 mph.

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I hadn't heard about the need for a boy-bar to transport a female bike. I hope old King Joe passed the 75 mph test. Thanks for the tip!