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Just different

I didn't want to read other reviews before I wrote mine, but I did, and I guess I thought what pretty much everyone else did. These are just kind of different. Very chewy, like the gummy bears you really have to chomp on. Flavor is good, I tried raspberry and lemon, but they're really sweet. I didn't notice a boost in energy like I do with gels. May have to do with these needing to digest more to release the sugars. The instructions say to eat them like and hour before activity and a couple pretty frequently during. I don't want to be eating all the time and would take a while to stop and eat a pouch of these. I'm really not a big fan of eat solids while riding, so maybe I'm biased. I still have at least one pack of these I need to use from a few months ago. If I decide I like them better now, I will update my review.